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Insulate and Save!
Studies show that cellulose-insulated buildings may use 20% to 40% less energy than buildings with fiberglass. Installation of Regal cellulose qualifies for energy tax credit.
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Regal Cellulose Insulation Tops Fiberglass!

When you choose insulation for a new or existing home you will find many alternative products available. You must sort through confusing and conflicting claims to find the right insulation material. When you know all the facts, you'll find that one insulation material stands out from the rest. CELLULOSE! It's the insulation you'll want in your home. Cellulose works in real-world environments. Cellulose works efficiently when the weather is cold, hot, windy or mild.
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Did You Know?

Heating and cooling costs are more than half of a family's energy expense!

  Regal Cellulose Insulation is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and requires no special health warning labels.


Regal Cellulose Insulation makes homes safer by slowing the spread of fire, allowing more time for you to escape.

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